Stucco and Stone

Our goal is to help our customers design and construct the most enduring buildings possible. Combining knowledge, experience and the insight gained from listening to our customers needs, enables us to develop advanced, cost-effective solutions.
We specialize in the installation of all types of high quality stucco systems and stone.

Stucco Services

We provide Stucco services for new and old constructions, remodel entire house, repairs, parging and siding removals. Raise the value and beauty of your home or office space by investing in stucco today. Our professional team works hard to meet your schedule and renovating plans. If you are stuck on deciding what type stucco to choose, our experts can help find the right colour, texture, and style that best fits your space. Free estimates are available. Call to schedule for your appointment.

About Stone

The term “cultured stone” or “manufactured stone” refers to “stone” that is made in a factory. Typically, it is molded into many different shapes using concrete. The concrete shapes are then stained with various hues to achieve the most natural look possible.

“Stone veneer” or “thin-cut stone,” on the other hand, is stone that has been mined from the earth, then cut into uniform shapes and thicknesses for use on fireplaces and walls. The stone is sorted based on color, so homeowners can order the specific color blend that will work best in their home. Stones can range from slate or granite to limestone or marble, giving you a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

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